It’s that time of year and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving party, you probably have the food all planned out. But what about décor? Planning to use the stuff in that bin from last year?

While Thanksgiving is generally considered the biggest food-centered holiday, the ambiance of a party can be just as important as the menu. And there’s more to creating a warm, inviting atmosphere than just a fancy centerpiece.

But luckily, planning out your party décor does not need to be a chore! Follow these four simple steps to get your home ready for an impressive Thanksgiving feast.

Step 1: Decide on Your Theme

Every party needs a theme. This may sound silly—you’re probably thinking, “The theme is Thanksgiving, isn’t it?” Yes, but an overall theme for your décor will help you make choices that are cohesive and complimentary. So take a minute to consider your theme.

Some ideas are plaid, chic, country, vintage, etc.

Step 2: Decide on Your Colors

In line with your theme, make sure to choose a color scheme to guide your decoration decisions. Color choices may be influenced by your theme, such as creams and pastels for a chic vibe, or bright reds, oranges, and blues for a plaid theme.

Step 3: Decide on Your Budget

It may be helpful to get a handle on your budget early in the planning stages. Some decorations can be spendy, and some may be a quick and easy DIY project for cheap! Knowing how much you can spend overall will dictate where you need to prioritize. And if you aren’t super crafty, you may choose to just purchase your decorations instead of attempting a Pinterest win (or fail).

Step 4: Cover All Areas of Your Home

Yes, Thanksgiving will be centralized around the kitchen and dining room, but your plans should include décor for all five main areas:

  1. Dining table
  2. Kids’ table
  3. Front door (and entry way)
  4. Living room
  5. Kitchen

Let’s go over some fun ideas for each.


Depending on a number of factors, the decorations you choose for your dining table may be elaborate or more on the modest side.

Consider these few options when planning your table decorations:

Individual Place Settings

Each individual place setting can be customized for each guest. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:


The centerpiece is typically the main display for any Thanksgiving party. Here are a few ideas that will leave your guests impressed:


At any family gathering, it’s always a nice touch to include a special spot where the kids can gather without the adults.

To put together a fun kids’ table, try a few of these ideas:


Start the party off on the right foot with a beautiful Thanksgiving display, even before your guests enter your house.

Try one of these fun ideas on your front door:


The living room can be just as important as the dining room when it comes to family gatherings.

Here are a few ideas to bring this room into your décor theme:


Your kitchen does not need to look like a war zone after preparing a meal for dozens of your closest friends and family!

Here are a few ideas that will bring your theme into your kitchen (and make it look like you really have thought of everything!):

With the right plan and armed with dozens of ideas, you’ll be sure to throw a Thanksgiving party to impress your guests and spread the holiday joy.